Get Heatmaps, Form Analytics and On-Site Polls for Free (RD Beta)

Our platform has been in private and closed testing rounds for around five months now. It’s time you get your hands on it and experience all these great features.

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What’s included in the beta?

When you sign up for beta access, you will get to use every feature available. The list is about to grow, but right now the lineup is as follows:


Heatmaps provide you with the fastest way to get an overview of how people use your website. Which parts get the most attention and which they seem not to notice at all.

Form Analytics

In most websites, a form is the last step of the funnel. That makes it extremely important that everything is OK with it.

Our Form Analytics feature will show you exactly which parts of your forms are creating the most friction so you can start optimizing for better conversion rates.

On-Site Polls

The best way to find out what your visitors really think and want is to ask them. Simple as that.

On-Site Polls feature lets you to easily add small questionaries anywhere on your website.

Custom Google Analytics Reports

No need to jump between to platforms to check for a metric, a trend or even a custom report, you can build them straight in Reflective Data!

Read more about the features here.

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