Must Have Google Analytics Goals – RDAR #9

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This is Silver from Reflective Data and this is the ninth number of RDAR – Reflective Data Analytics Roundup that is published weekly.

Take a look at some of the greatest new analytics related content available online:

Deciding Which Google Analytics Goals You Should Create

Google Analytics, the number one tool in the market for digital analytics comes with a pretty decent plug-and-play feature set. Nevertheless, it is still highly recommended to customize it to make it track what’s really important in your business’ context. One of the key features you should configure right away is Google Analytics Goals.

Google limits you to have 20 goals per view. Is it too little or just enough? What actions should be tracked as goals in Google Analytics? These answers will find an answer in this article.

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New in Analytics Dictionary

Recommended content

In our roundups, we cover content that is created by us but as there are tons of awesome stuff being written daily, we are going to make the sorting process easier by picking top ones out for you.

Why Multi-armed Bandit Algorithm is Not “Better” than A/B Testing

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in a new, alternative approach to A/B testing. This article will give you a good overview of what it’s all about and whether it’s going to kill the “old” A/B testing or not.

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The Impressive Growth of R

R programming language has shown a remarkable growth in the last five years. Much like Python, it is one the most used languages in the worlds of analytics and statistics. Definitely worth learning!

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