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Reflective Data Analytics Roundup (RDAR) is a weekly newsletter giving its readers a good overview of what's happening in the world of analytics.

Who should join?

  • People working in Digital Analytics
  • Digital and Social Media Marketers
  • Those interested in User Behavior Analysis

To make it easier to follow, we try our best to keep the structure consistent. Here's how RDAR's current structure looks like:

Cover story

This is the first story of each number of RDAR. Usually, we also reflect this story in the subject of RDAR itself.

In general, this is the original article written by someone from Reflective Data. But occasionally, it can also big a really good article or a big announcement from someone else.

Recommended content

In this section of RDAR we give a shout out to really good content published onlinerecently.

Most of the articles in this part are from other publishers but may also contain original content from Reflective Data.

New in Analytics Dictionary

This is a rather short section giving an overview of the new original content in Analytics Dictionary.

Our goal is to build something really useful out of this project, to make it a place where analytics related people can go anytime they need more information about specific terms.

Product updates

This section focuses on what's new in Reflective Data Platform.

Features currently included in the platform:

  • Form Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • On-Site Polls
  • Google Analytics Reports

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