Status update – Design Guide and Social Accounts

Big thanks to everyone who has been with us during our first steps!

Quite a lot has happened since our last status update. While our main focus is still on getting more features live and tested on the platform, we have also created a design guide and improved our social presence.

Design guide

At Reflective Data we take design really seriously.

We are huge advocates of putting why in every decision we take – same goes for design. The colors we use, the fonts, our logo, the graphs and others – we do our best do have it all optimized to best fit our users’ needs.

Read more about design at Reflective Data in our new Design Guide.

Screenshot of Reflective Data Design Guide
Screenshot of Reflective Data Design Guide

Social presence

Marketers say you don’t exist when you’re not active on social media.

As we (analysts) work closely together with marketing people, we indeed agree here. And why shouldn’t we – social networks bring more traffic and therefore more data for us to work with.

Besides putting their greatest effort in closing bigger clients for the platform and agency, our marketing team is also improving our social presence.

This week we started our Twitter account, take a look and feel free to follow!

More social accounts coming soon, so stay tuned.

Reflective Data Twitter Account
Reflective Data Twitter Account


While there’s heavy testing going on the form analytics feature, we are also doing our best to get the heatmaps ready for beta testers as soon as possible.

Currently, we are working on fine-tuning the data-collection algorithms. We make sure it’s fast, light-weight, complete, and most important, accurate.

You will be seeing click maps, move maps and scroll maps

Join our beta testers here!


As you might guess, we are currently more than busy and it’s quite difficult for our team to find time for blogging.

Nevertheless, we plan to share as much useful information as possible. Our main focus is going to be on combining Google Analytics and Reflective Data Platform to maximize the amount of useful data and insights for everyone related to making websites sell more.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who’s keeping an eye on what we do, give us good ideas and have already started beta testing our first features.

Feel free to tell your friends about Reflective Data!

4 thoughts on “Status update – Design Guide and Social Accounts

  1. I really like the idea of having a design guide, especially a public one. Although I have a feeling it has a lot of room for growth, for example I’d like to see a study on fonts and why not even the graphs. As a beta tester I’ve noticed that you’re using Google Charts and ECharts, maybe something else? Why not stick to one?


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