On-Site Polls

Stop Guessing, Start Asking

With On-Site Polls You Can Ask Your Visitors Directly What's on Their Minds

On-Site Polls
On-Site Polls

On Site Polls

Let your visitors say exactly what they want

On Site Polls are the fastest way to find out what the visitors really want.

Collecting quantitative data is essential for optimizing your website but if you really want to give your clients an experience they are looking for, then our On Site Polls feature is the way to go.

For example: On a product page you could ask them: "What holds you back from adding X to Cart?"

Customization to Meet the Needs of Every Business

On-Site Polls Wizard
On-Site Polls Wizard

We are giving you control over the process by letting you choose:

  • The looks and positioning of the poll
  • Custom triggering rules, including manual
  • Between multiple question types
  • Optional comment with every option
  • Custom Thank You Message

Analyze like a pro

In the tool, you can see all the key information about your polls including every single response, statistics, word cloud and more.

For more advanced analysis we give you an option to export raw data so you could upload and explore in your favorite tools.

No credit card required