Google Analytics Audit

Worst decisions are made based on false data

Having your data accurate will make you tons more money

Can you trust your data?

Our specialists will make sure your setup is solid and complete

We have seen thousands of Google Analytics setups, yet there hasn't been a single one that we couldn't improve.

If you make your business decisions based on data (and you definitely should), it is critical that it's audited and reliable.

How does it work?

Although every audit is tailored to your business, we have divided our Google Analytics Audit into six main categories.

Property level

Property settings form a foundation of every Google Analytics setup. In this part, we make sure that the general tracking snippet has been embedded correctly and every page it should be. 

Besides other settings we also go through referrals exclusions list, enhanced link attribution and User-ID.

In most cases, it makes sense to have your Analytics system connected to other tools related to your business, like AdWords and Search Console.

View level

As the name says, this part is mostly related to viewing data. 

Durin Google Analytics Data Audit, we re-think the logic behind the views in your property and make suggestions for making new ones based on need.

Settings related to views contain excluding bots and spiders, site search configuration, default pages and others.

Goals and funnels

Goals and funnels are crucial when it comes to measuring your KPI-s and business success in general.

In this step, we work close to our clients, to figure out what matters the most and how to track it most effectively.

Besides main conversions, we make sure that secondary and micro-goals are also being taken care of.

E-commerce tracking

E-commerce tracking is a must-have feature for everyone selling goods online.

Sadly, this is the part where we see most of the errors and missing or double-tracked conversions.

Having your (enhanced) e-commerce matching the real numbers is essential, and we help you get there.

Event tracking

Events come in really handy when tracking the behavior of your visitors.

Our audit figures out the actions that should be tracked as events and will give you detailed guides to implementing the ones missing.

Our analysts will also group the events into categories, name their actions and give them labels and values that will best match your business and it's customers.

Campaign tracking

Measuring the success of your campaign segment by segment will show you exactly where to invest, and where to cut back.

We see companies investing into campaigns they dont't even track properly and that is sad.

Reflective Data's Google Analytics Audit will make sure you won't miss a single conversion coming from an email, social or ad campaign again.


There are many other aspects that need to be taken care of, and we combine our experience in working with companies of all sorts of fields to find the ones that are most relevant to your business.

Be it a website with multiple domains, or different languages, or perhaps you have an external payment provider - we've seen them all, and know exactly how to track them properly.

A bunch of issues, what's next?

Our Google Analytics audit shows you exactly what's wrong with the setup. Most audits stop there, ours doesn't.

Next to every problem, our analyst will also give you a quick overview of how you should approach fixing it.

If you don't have the resources to implement the fixes or really want a professional to take care of it, take a look at the other services we offer.

Google Analytics Audit will assure you that

  • All of the main KPI-s and micro conversion are being tracked
  • You can start building the reports most relevant to your business
  • You are going to find insights that will save and make you tons of money
  • Every problem in your setup will get fixed
  • You can trust your data


Let's get your analytics right!

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