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At Reflective Data, our business model is based on loyal customers. The only way we can survive on this model is to continuously provide high-quality services that will make our clients become more data-driven and, therefore, more successful in their business.

  • Most clients use our services for at least the period of 14 months
  • We have experience working with both start-ups and enterprises
  • Our experts are always up-to-date with the latest industry standards

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Google Analytics 360 Suite

We help larger companies configure and manage their data-informed marketing operations with the enterprise-ready Google Analytics 360 Suite.

  • Analytics 360
  • Optimize 360
  • Tag manager 360

  • Data Studio 360
  • Audience Center 360
  • Attribution 360

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

We are experts in all facets of Google Analytics. Over the years we have had clients from all industries starting from e-commerce to publishers and online gaming. Every client is different and so should be their analytics setup.

Tag Management

Our engineers have experience with all of the major Tag Management systems. We are happy to help you with Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Tealium or Matamo Tag Manager.

Tag Manager
Data Visualization

Visualization & Dashboards

A good presentation makes both insights exploration and data analysis more effective. We build informative custom dashboards for any data source.

Analyst as a Service

You can now hire us to take care of your entire analytics workflow. First, we audit and fix your tracking mechanisms. Then, we build the reporting system and dashboards. Our analysts will continuously analyze your data and provide you with actionable insights.

Tag Manager

The first-class service your business deserves

The list of services is not exhaustive, contact us for more

Analytics Configuration



  • Google Analytics audit
  • Google Tag Manager audit
  • A/B testing tool & tracking audit
  • User behavior tracker audit
  • Other analytics tool audit
  • Other tag manager audit
  • Comparing analytics to business & accounting
  • Continuous audit system

A/B Testing

  • Setting up A/B testing system
    • Optimizely
    • VWO
    • Wasabi
    • Other tools
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom tracking systems
  • Consulting on advanced setups

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Our personal approach

While we have our frameworks and best practices in places, we know that every business is different.

That is why in the beginning of our partnership, our analysts work closely with your team to figure out what your business is all about and which data-driven methods could help it grow.

Reflective Data vs in-house analysts

While we are happy to work with any in-house analysts you might already have in your team, for many businesses we have managed to replace the entire analytics team.

1. Always up-to-date

Our goal is to help our clients benefit from the latest technologies and industry standards. Being up-to-date is important for us, to do so we have multiple training programs and everyone is welcome to share their findings with the team.

2. A broad skill set

We have experts specializing in all key areas and technologies of digital analytics. When moving to a new tool, you might have to make serious corrections in your team. We just change the analysts working with you.

3. Flexibility

The amount and subject of the data and insights your business needs can change in time. We are flexible and have the skill required already waiting for you.

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