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Google Analytics Audit

Analytics audit is a process of reviewing website’s analytics setup and configuration in order to make sure that everything important is being tracked as well as that different data sources match.

In most cases, an analytics audit would start by covering the basic settings, such as Account, Property and View settings in Google Analytics. This is important to make sure the foundation is solid. Usually, this step also includes the implementation and snippet check.

Next, comes everything related to configuration. While the previous step has a lot of best practices and models to follow, this is more tailored to each website and business. This step usually covers e-commerce and other business related tracking systems. In this step, it is important to compare your analytics data to your actual business data.

Finally, the custom solutions. Everything that your analytics platform isn’t capable of tracking by default but is important to your business. This might include form analytics, custom dimensions & metrics, custom attribution models etc.

It is a good practice to not audit your own analytics setup but to have someone else do it for you. Someone not directly related to your business.

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Doing the audit yourself

If you are a small business and don’t have a budget to get an expert audit, you might consider doing it yourself.

Conducting an audit of your own analytics setups is also a good way to get to know your setup end-to-end, especially if parts of it have been done by someone else.

If you don’t have an analytics audit checklist in-house, take a look at these recommended lists. And if you do have a list in-house, compare it to the ones listed below.

At one point, we are going to be sharing our own comprehensive list, so stay tuned by following us on Twitter.

Last modified: April 27, 2020

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