AI vs BI – Learn The Difference

Using the power of technology is a must for any business looking to compete in today’s world. Many business owners understand how important technology is, but are unsure about how to implement the use of things like artificial and business intelligence into their daily operation. A recent study shows that a whopping 27 percent of small businesses in the American don’t even have professional IT support.

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Three Types of Segmentation and How to Use Them

In determining your marketing strategy, segmentation is critical to success — it’s the foundation on which your advertising rests. When building that foundation, you have time segmentation, media segmentation, price segmentation and more, but in the interest of brevity, we’ll focus on the three most popular forms: psychographic, demographic and geographic segmentation.

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Personas: Why Is it Important to Understand Your Users?

If you create a product for everyone, you’re creating it for no one. As much as you want to appeal to a wide audience with your designs, you need to get very clear about who it is you’re targeting and what they are looking for. These different users don’t have the same needs, and they’re drawn to your application or platform for different reasons.

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7 Ways To Find Beta User To Test Your App

Beta testing is most effective when it is carried out early enough to incorporate test feedback but late enough for a realistic almost-ready product to be tested. Given the value and timing of beta tests, you’ll need to find the right testers at short notice and within a tight budget.

Whether you are building an app from scratch or simply want to port from .NET Framework to .NET Core, good beta testing is about making sure your product release is consistent with market expectations. Ignoring beta testing can lead to unpleasant surprises when you eventually roll out your product.

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Level up as an Analyst by Asking the Right Questions

It’s not about the amount or quality of the data that matters the most. It’s what you can do with it. The insights you can get by analyzing the numbers, the way you present them and the actions that are being made based on these insights.

But these insights don’t just sit there in your Google Analytics reports, you need to find them by asking the right questions.

In this article, I am going to focus on the right questions you must be asking when analyzing the data.

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Analytics Resources

As there are plenty of analytics resources on the internet, we decided to list the best of them in one place (here).

We are doing our best to keep this list constantly updated!

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How to develop a habit of analyzing the data

Today, analyzing data is not only the world of full-time analysts. When it comes to web analytics, there is a good chance that you could benefit from developing a habit analyzing the data collected, no matter whether your main role is related to marketing, growth or scoring leads.

In order to start mining some really useful insights that are going to skyrocket your productivity in your everyday work, you are going to have to start by getting your mindset fixed. That is a data-driven mindset.

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Importance of segmentation

Segmentation is a crucial component of user behavior analytics. Visitors from different backgrounds or using different devices can, and in most cases will not behave the same way.

Today, most marketing and web analytics people use at least some sort of customer/visitor segmentation but there are still too many tools which don’t have this option.

Segmentation is available in every part and feature of our tool, and we put a lot of effort on giving our users more segmentation options. This is important.

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